North American Studies Course

North American Studies Course offers an opportunity for a student to study various aspects of North American societies, Canada and USA, such as politics, economics, religion, culture, language, literature and so on. A student is encouraged to learn latest scholarly development and to examine Canada and USA not only from within Japan but also from without Japan. Even after the Cold War ended near the end of the twentieth century, Canada and USA continue to receive global attention for its flourish of many talents nurtured in multicultural society and for its changing international roles in global society. Canada is known for its multi-cultural policy.  USA is often said to be swings from right to life and vice versa and therefore, international society is interested in grasping such dynamism of multicultural American society. A young student is encouraged to pursue his/her own scholarly interest in trying to grasp North American societies from the depth of history and culture. North American Studies Course offers an educational environment where a student acquires basic scholarly skills. A student is also encouraged to go abroad to study at Washington University in St. Louise through an exchange program.

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