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Call for Papers, AREA STUDIES Tsukuba #38 (it’s from June 1st, 2016)


  1. AREA STUDIES Tsukuba welcomes original manuscripts that have not been published previously and are not under consideration by another journal.

  2. All the professors and researchers who have/had belonged to Master’s Program in International Area Studies, University of Tsukuba, can contribute to the journal. The graduates of the program who wish to contribute a paper need a recommendation from their supervisor or the professors in the International Area Studies.

  3. Submitted manuscripts are examined by peer review of specialists designated by the Editorial Committee, which takes responsibility for the final decision for publication. The Editorial Committee will indicate the revisions of the manuscript depending on the peer review.

  4. Manuscripts must be typewritten in Japanese or English, using the template provided. Within 20 pages (including the title, 200-400 words summary in English, 5 keywords both in Japanese and English, main text, notes, figures and references); 43 characters x 36 lines in Japanese or about 86 characters x 36 lines in English per page. Manuscripts should be written in a standard font such as Times New Roman, in 10.5 point, without any decorated and enhanced character. If you are planning to write in other languages, please contact to the Editorial Committee.

  5. 1) Proposal of a contribution for paper is due byJuly 1st, 2016. Send the prescribed the ‘Proposal Form’ to the Editorial Committee (in the International Area Studies Office) by e-mail, fax or regular mail.

    2) The submission period of the completed manuscript is closed at  September xxth, 2016. Contributors should submit their manuscripts to the Editorial Committee in the form of Microsoft Word document (or text file) and a hard copy. Submission of electric data should be made by a data storage device (CD-ROM or USB stick) or by an attachment to an e-mail.

    The cover letter accompanying a manuscript should include the following: title, author name (s), affiliated institution, telephone number and e-mail address.

  6. The copyright of each submission remains with its author. However, concerning the papers published in AREA STUDIES Tsukuba, authors are considered to have conceded reproduction rights (right of digitalization) and public transmission rights (right to release publicly) to the Master’s Program in International Area Studies. For distribution purposes, we can release published papers in the form of images or PDF files through the Tsukuba Repository and our homepage.

The Editorial Committee, Journal of Area Studies Tsukuba




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