East Asian Studies
  Name          Reserch field
  MORI, Aki Contemporary Chinese Politics, International Relations
  TOKUMARU, Aki History Folkrore, Comparative Folkrore, Theory of Folk Beliefs
  YAMAMOTO, Shin Modern History of China and Taiwan, History of Oversea Chinese
  PARK, Sunmi Cultural Exchange in Modern East Asia, Gender History in Modern East Asia
  MARUYAMA,Hiroshi Daoist Study of China and Taiwan Comparative Religious Study
Southeast Asian Studies
  Name Reserch field
  QUIMPO, Nathan G. Politics of Development, Democracy and Democratization, Peace and Conflict Studies, Southeast Asian Politics
  SAPKOTA, Jeet Economics of Development, Globalization and Economic Policy, Asian Economy
  SHUTO, Motoko International Relations in Southeast Asia, Foreign Relations of Indonesia
  TSUTSUMI, Jun Geography, Australian Studies
Central Eurasian Studies
  Name Reserch field 
  SHIOYA, Akifumi Modern and Contemporary History of Central Asia, History of Russia and the Soviets, Islamic Area Studies
  DADABAEV, Timur International Relations in Central Asia
  TKACH-KAWASAKI, Leslie Political Communication, New Media and Politics, Website Analysis, Internet Studies
  USUYAMA, Toshinobu Russian Linguistics, Foreign Language Education, Language Policy
Middle Eastern and North African Studies
  Name Reserch field 
  KASHIWAGI, Kenichi Economic Development in Middle East and North Africa
  NAKANO, Yuko Development Economics, African Economy
  MOGES, Abu Girma African Economic Policy, Income Distribution and Poverty Dynamics
  YAMADA, Shigeo History of the Ancient Near East, Jewish History
  AKIYAMA, Manabu Classical Studies, History of Buddhism
  IKEDA, Jun Linguistic Analysis of Hebrew and Akkadian
  TSUNEKI, Akira Archaeology of West Asia
  MATSUBARA, Kosuke Urban Planning History in the Middle East and North Africa
European Studies
  Name Reserch field 
  USUYAMA, Toshinobu Russian Linguistics, Foreign Language Education, Language Policy
  TSUDA, Hiroshi History of the British Empire, Australian and Canadian Studies
  MURAKAMI, Hiroaki Social History of the Modern Germany, History of Historiography
  KUREHA, Masaaki Regional Geography of Europe
  TANAKA, Yoko Labor, Corporation, Germany, Socio-Economic History, Social Policy
  MIYAZAKI, Kazuo Early Modern History of Spain, Spanish Culture
  AZEGAMI, Taiji Study of Culture and Society in Germany-speaking Countries
  ITO, Makoto Comparative Research on Idiomatic Phrase in Japanese and German
  KATO, Yuri Comparative Literature and Slavic Literature
  HESELHAUS, Herrad German-Language and European Literature and Culture
  MURAYAMA, Yuji Urban System. Transportation Geography
  YAMANAKA, Hiroshi Religious Studies, Sociology of Religion
North American Studies
  Name   Reserch field 
  KIMURA, Takeshi American Religions, Sustainability
  TSUJI, Yuichiro Constitution of the United States, Administrative Law, Comparative Law, Cyber Law
  YAMADA, Toru Cultural Anthropology
  IDE, Risako Linguistics Anthropology
  SATO, Chitose Modern U.S. History, Social Security and Walfare
Latin American Studies
  Name               Reserch field 
  OSONOI, Shigeo Politics and Development. Political Culture, Latin American Studies
  URANO, Edson Social Studies in Latin America
  MINOWA, Mari Economic Development in Latin America
Program in Economic and Public Policy (PEPP)
  Name     Reserch field
  NAITO, Hisahiro Public Economics, Microeconomics
  KUROKAWA, Yoshinori Public Economics, Microeconomics
Area Studies Innovation Program (ASIP)
  NEMOTO, Tatsushi Cultural Anthropology, South Asian Studies
Instructors for the Foundation Subjects for Major, Language and Culture Studies Subjects
  Name Reserch field 
  AKASHI, Junichi Migration Studies, Policy Studies, Global Governance
  OHTOMO, Takafumi International Relations Theory, International Security
  KIM, In-hwa Korean Linguistics
  SHIBATA, Masako Comparative Education, History of Education
  CHOE, Jaeyoung Quantitative Study of Comparative Politics, Public Policy (Transport Policy)
  TSUJINAKA, Yutaka Comparative Civil Society, Contemporary Japanese Politics, Comparative Interest Groups Politics, Comparative Policy
  TSUSHIRO, Hirofumi Comparative Religion, Japanese Culture, Shintoism
  HIRAISHI, Noriko Comparative Literature, Modern and Contemporary Japanese Literature

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