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Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences was established in 2001 by integrating the academic fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. To meet the demands of subsequent academic development and changing social needs, the School was reorganized in 2008 into nine programs broadly falling into two categories. First category featured that of the five-year doctoral courses, and another included two-year master and three-year doctoral courses. The School has also incorporated the former Master’s Program in Area Studies as a two-year Master’s Program in International Area Studies that is linked with the newly established three-year Doctoral Program in International and Advanced Japanese Studies. The Master’s Program in International Area Studies aims to provide a comprehensive academic understanding of major regions in the rapidly changing world. The instruction and research programs are designed to give specialized knowledge and professional training. The concept of the area studies program varies from one institution to another. Our program provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the study of major regions of the world, emphasizing the process of historical development, natural environment, social structures, and culture.